Wood-Fired Pizza  Rotisserie Chicken

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Meet Dino

Dino’s is a dream come true for me. I came to the US many years ago with the hope to one day own a restaurant, where people and foods from different cultures come together. At Dino's, you will find unique combinations of spices and cooking customs from all over the world. 

The restaurant’s mission is to be community-driven, pro-local and eco-friendly—a casual meeting spot, where diversity is celebrated, and healthy food with fresh ingredients is served.


I chose the Dairy Market location because its food court reminds me of the squares in Europe—a social hub where food, friends and family mingle. I want to bring our community together and create a space where everyone is welcome. I hope you will meet many new friends in my restaurant and share many laughs. 


Tel: 434-953-7340  |  Email: info@dinos.restaurant

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Juicy free-range Chicken with Spices from all over the world!




Artisan pizzas for every taste!

Gluten-free & vegan options.


Event Catering

Let's co-create your perfect party together! 

A community spot where you can eat wholesome food and meet new friends!


World Spices

At Dino's we cook with the best hand-picked spices from all over the world—the Middle East, Europe, Asia and South America—to create new experiences and new flavors! 




Wood-Fired Pizza Rotisserie Chicken


Tel: (434) 422-8288 |  Email: info@dinos.restaurant

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